why doesn't everyone do this?

Robert Kiyosaki explains the Cash Flow Quadrant: 4 ways to earn income in his book "Rich Dad Poor Dad". There it is described that 95% of people in employment or self-employment generate income, which means they have active income streams and have to go to work for their money. Only 4% of people are entrepreneurs and only 1% investors who make systems and money work for them and thus do not exchange their valuable time for money!
What is interesting is that 95% of those described above own only 5% of the money, while the entrepreneurs and investors own 95% of the money.
What is the difference between the 95% and the 5% of people? Information and knowledge! About 70% of all millionaires are self-made!
Many people do not have access to the information on how to become an entrepreneur or an investor because they do not have internet access or are too skeptical about new things in the first place so that they do not look for the information at all.
Again, others even have the information on how to take a new path, but are simply too lazy to leave their comfort zone or the level of suffering is not strong enough to take a new step.
The question is, will you continue to go with the crowd and trade your time for money or will you finally break new ground and pursue your own goals?! 

When do I start earning money with it?

 This is primarily up to you and your commitment and cannot be answered clearly, as it also has to do with which of the opportunities you use for yourself.
If you use the time you have available for your online business effectively and are coachable, you can definitely make money in the first month. In a first personal meeting, we would be happy to show you the possibilities and their results, which we use ourselves, as well as examples from our team partners. 

What do i need for starting?

 You should be at least 18 years old and set aside at least 5 hours a week to build your online business and take advantage of the various opportunities.
You should also have a clear goal in mind as to why it is worthwhile for you to build up further streams of income! 

i want to start - what are my first steps?

 First you register with us. Together we will see which option interests you the most and suits you and your goals. We will then provide you with a "red thread" so that you can get closer to your goal step by step and learn something new every day.
You get your own homepage, we connect you to the team's internal server and you get to know the team...
It is important to know that you are never alone, but that you will receive support from us every step of the way and that all your questions will be answered at all times. 

YOU want to get started?

Let's talk about your goals, visions and your start!