You can choose different ways to make money online.
Here you will get to know all of them!


You will learn how to trade on the biggest financial markets in the world and make money with it. You have the possibility to trade with outside capital which means, you don´t need own money to spend on it. Also you have no risk to loose your own money.


You will learn how to invest your money and make more money out of your money. 
This education is very interesting for those of you, who wants to increase their money over long term period without spending so much time on it.

passive imcome streams

Create cashflows that also flow while you are sleeping?
You will learn not only how to make your investments work for you, but how you can generate multiple income streams from them.


Are you passionate about video gaming? Have you only spent money on your games so far, but not made any money with them yet?
That is about to change now: blockchain internet technology and the metaverse make it possible for you to play video games and make money doing it. Ringing impossible? Convince yourself of the opposite!

e-commerce und dropshipping

Have you always wanted to have your own online shop? Have you heard a lot of positive things about the good income opportunities with dropshipping? 
You will learn how you can either set up an online shop with your own products or use products from other retailers and sell them through your shop - the margin is yours while you have nothing to do with shipping, storage and advertising.

independent business owner

You are enthusiastic and have your first results with trading, investments or your online shop? Then become a business partner and build up another stream of income. The more responsibility you take on and the harder you work, the more money you can earn.

good to know


You decide when, where and how intensively you deal with the options mentioned.
We recommend that you should take AT LEAST 5 hours a week to start your new path and use it effectively for yourself!

you decide

Which of the possibilities appeals to you most and you would like to learn for yourself.


Experienced people and experts from our community will help you with all your questions, guide you in your steps and help you to reach your goal.

live education with experts

An online database with an infinite amount of knowledge and experience is available to you at all times. You also have the opportunity to enjoy daily LIVE training from over 200+ experts from morning to evening and to deepen what you have learned. In EVERY of the subject areas mentioned above!